March 1, 2019

Tessy Plastics, an injection molding plastics company based in Elbridge, NY, has increased its market share with the help of QVI systems.

According to Mark Towers, Director of Quality for Tessy Plastics, their Quality Department currently utilizes over 20 OGP SmartScope Video Measurement Systems in multiple molding locations throughout their facility for dimensional data acquisition.

Most recently, Tessy Plastics added the SmartScope Quest 450 to its OGP lineup. The Quest is designed to use a variety of sensors for high accuracy 3-D measurement. Features include advanced sensors, such as the QVI TeleStar Plus Laser and QVI Feather Probe, a 10:1 zoom lens and advanced ZONE3 software. The new metrology addition is used by the Quality Department’s Engineering Development Group to qualify new molds and tooling prior to production.

Tessy Plastic’s ability to manufacture and accurately measure highly sophisticated micro-parts has allowed it to find success in new markets that are often inaccessible to traditional injection molders.

“We are gaining ground in niche markets both domestically and in Europe, and OGP measurement systems have helped give us the prevision capability to compete in those markets,” said Towers. “The new micro-assembly orders that we win indicate that we are gaining market share. Both new and returning customers have benefited from the quality assurance OGP systems provide.”

“Our customers have realized higher productivity in their own plants because they know they can rely on compliant product from Tessy,” added Towers. “Their assembly processes run better because our products are so consistent. We do that through accuracy and process control that the OGP machines help us maintain.”


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