Continuous Improvement

Setting the standard and raising the bar

At Tessy, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve– and making certain we’re never complacent. We’re dedicated to consistently trying to redefine our industry by identifying efficiencies, stream-lining automation processes, and striving for the highest quality standards possible. We consistently refine and build on what we’ve already accomplished by implementing lean manufacturing strategies, creating new product innovations, introducing new technologies to meet customer-specific goals, and more.

Employees working in plant

What We’re Working On Right Now…

Cycle Time – We’re continuously looking at ways to improve our manufacturing processes and provide value to our customers. Even after initial production launch, we’re always evaluating these options as opportunities for CIP projects:

  • Increase Cavitation
  • Implement Process Changes
  • Automation – Efficiency and repeatability
  • Part Optimization
    • Increase quality & output by reducing scrap
Blue plastic parts on conveyor belt

Material Development – As the capabilities of resins continue to evolve, our R&D team is always looking at ways to leverage new materials and their properties to provide the best solutions to our customers.

  • Detect Cost Savings & Evaluate Performance
    • Resins
    • Colorants
  • Encourage Sustainability
    • PCR and biodegradable material exploration
    • Light weighting
    • Product design for 100% recyclability
    • Vendor/supplier accountability
Machine moving blue plastic parts

Total Cost of Ownership – We’re working to reconfigure client orders to maximize shipping efficiencies and enhance the global supply chain.

  • Robust Maintenance Practices
    • Mold build includes minimum 25% of spare components
    • In-house tool room at every facility
    • All molds are assigned a shot count for preventative maintenance
  • Highly Experienced Staff
    • Project engineers and tool room with mold-building expertise
    • Tool room staff capable of cleaning, CNC milling, and laser welding
  • Trusted Local Partnerships
    • Responsive support
    • Avoid uncertainties around taxes, duties, and tariffs
    • Reduce shipping costs and maximize efficiencies
Employees looking at black plastic part

Ingenuity That Advances with Time – With technology rapidly evolving, our team regularly meets to brainstorm ideas to optimize our manufacturing and advance our capabilities. By consistently identifying opportunities for continuous improvement, we’re enabling ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

Production Metrics – We develop timely reports that identify key metrics to track and improve upon, including:

  • In-line automated inspection/real time reporting
  • Daily Output
  • Monthly by cell/location