Technical Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing for unparalleled accuracy

Using state-of-the-art lab equipment and quality control techniques with expert chemists, our team takes great care to practice and test the most accurate pharmaceutical and diagnostic products and molecular solutions. With multiple labs running in various facilities, we have the ability to process different raw material and chemical verification tests simultaneously in climate-controlled rooms for isolation. We’re committed to saving you time, and decreasing production costs, while upholding our high standard of accuracy.

Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Filling Capabilities

Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Medical Manufacturing Capabilities

Tessy has expert chemists and technical manufacturing staff available to work on your pharmaceutical and diagnostic manufacturing needs. Not only do we process, test, and prepare the incoming raw chemical materials, we also introduce and fill the materials into complex high-speed medical assemblies for fully finished and packaged medical products.

Technical Manufacturing Highlights:

  • ISO Class 8 certified cleanroom
  • Support and management of large-scale lyophilization
  • Humidity- and temperature-controlled cold rooms for isolation
  • Walk-in ISO class 5 Hepa hoods for PCR preparation
  • BSL2 classified lab

Additionally, Tessy manages top-of-the-line laboratory equipment for:

  • Concentration verification
  • Buffer and solution preparation
  • PH adjustments
  • Material separation
  • PCR capabilities
  • Molecular technology targeting particular genes