Corporate Policies


Tessy Plastics Corp. voluntarily supports and complies with the UN Global Compact principles. This is evident by our respect for human rights, fair labor practices, anti-corruption, responsible sourcing of materials and sustainable management of our environment. We will meet all national and international applicable laws, prevailing industry standards and other requirements as it relates to social accountability. We ask the same of our suppliers.


Tessy Plastics Corp. is committed to managing its business using manufacturing methods and practices that are safe and environmentally responsible which will allow our people and planet to endure. We will comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to prevent pollution and reduce our impact on our surrounding environment while maintaining the health and safety of our employees along with our community. By building awareness of our suppliers, employees and customers we will continually improve and reduce; occupational injuries, employee illness, waste, energy consumption and use of natural resources. Our stewardship initiatives and outcomes will be reviewed by Management and annually reported.


Tessy Plastics has recognized that its future growth and success will be based on a commitment to deliver quality products on time. We are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations and meeting all regulatory requirements by continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. We share the common goal of quality in a safe working environment.


Tessy Plastics Corp. will strive to procure materials, products or services in a manner that integrates customer specifications, fiscal responsibility, social equity, community and environmental stewardship.


Tessy Plastics Corp. aims to be conflict mineral-free and asks the same of our suppliers. By mapping the raw materials used in our customers components to determine if they include any of the four conflict minerals, Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold, originating from the “Conflict Region” of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries will allow us to voluntarily support the Dodd-Frank Act that is directed at reducing the source of funding for armed groups that are committing human rights abuses and contributing to conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Tessy Plastics Corp. success depends on our employees’ commitment to responsible conduct. Working together, we will continuously enhance our culture in ways that benefit customers and business partners, and that strengthen our interactions with one another. All Tessy Plastics employees are responsible for understanding and complying with our Standards of Conduct. This is the way to ensure that Tessy Plastics is and continues to be a great company of great people.


Tessy Plastics Corp. is committed to sustainable water management. We commit to protecting the environment’s natural resources and not pollute our local waterways in the communities in which we are located. We will provide safe water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene in all our facilities, as we believe that it is a human right. We will manage our wastewater discharge in full compliance with local and national regulations. We will handle our resin following the international program called Operation Clean Sweep, which is designed to prevent resin pellet, flake, and powder loss and help keep this material out of the local ecosystems and amphibious habitats. We will annually assess the water risks to our operations at the regional and river basin level as it relates to climate change, availability of quality water. We strive to operate in a manner that minimizes the impact on the availability of community water resources by considering our impact throughout all stages of our operations.