Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

At Tessy, we know what it takes to deliver for leading medical device customers. In fact, we’re built for it. Our facilities are FDA-regulated, and ISO 7 and ISO 8 certified for cleanroom molding and assembly.

Within those facilities, some of the industry’s best and brightest engineering minds are at work developing smarter, more cost-effective manufacturing solutions for a range of medical clients. Employing this expertise and specialized capabilities including micromolding, high cavitation and advanced automation, we take client requests from initial concepts to fully assembled medical devices. And we do it with unprecedented efficiency, even in cleanroom environments.

Proven Medical Experience

Here’s a look at a few of the types of devices we manufacture at Tessy.

  • Minimally Invasive: cannulas, staple delivery components, trocars
  • Noninvasive: pipettes, stopcocks, ear tips, speculums, syringes, blood analyzer disposables
  • Medical Devices: components, subassemblies, full assemblies

Got a medical device rendering or manufacturing challenge unlike anything listed above? Perfect. We’re always ready to take on something new and push the limits of what’s possible. Turn to us to make manufacturing your solution a simple, painless procedure.