Committed to sustainable manufacturing 

As the only plastics company listed as a CDP supplier engagement leader in 2019, our team is driven to eliminate our operation’s environmental impact at every stage of the manufacturing process, setting the benchmark for the rest of the industryThe pillars of our TP3 Program, a system of values that informs everything we do, is comprised of the three things that we care about the most: People, Planet, and Product.  

Setting the Standard

We protect our people and our planet by implementing manufacturing methods and business practices that are environmentally sound and ensure the safety of our employees. By using sustainable procurement strategies across our entire supply chain, we’re setting the standard in our industry. 

Our Sustainability in Action

Annual Stewardship Report

Our comprehensive TP3 goals and accomplishments

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Motivating employees, suppliers, and customers alike to contribute to global sustainable development

CERES Climate Declaration

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our Commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing in Action:

  • Setting waste reduction goals and reducing general plant refuse and production materials in the waste stream 20% per employee
  • Continuous improvement in technology to use less plastic per product
  • Eliminating waste through lean manufacturing techniques
  • Continuous monitoring in hazardous waste recycling
  • Reducing runner size or utilizing hot runners to eliminate waste
  • Collaborating with local universities to consistently reduce water and electricity usage through innovative design

Our Manufacturing Sustainability Efforts, By the Numbers: 


Top 3% of organizations assessed by the CDP, and 1 out of 160 companies on the leadership board


of total electricity in 2019 from Wind RECs and our Hydro Power Purchase Agreement


= 2,289.88 tons of our total waste diverted to recycling facilities 


Conflict Mineral Free

ecovadis amd cdp sustainability badges


Our dedication to sustainability has earned us many accolades, and we continue to focus on supporting climate and clean energy policies at the national, state, and local level. 

Sharing Our Values

In 2017, our Tessy Plastics Sustainability Keynote Speaker spoke at the NYC United Nations headquarters about Tessy’s sustainability transformation and setting Sustainable Development Goals.