The Tessy Plastics Story

Tessy Plastics was founded in 1973 by an entrepreneur named Henry Beck. At the time, Henry operated a single, small location in Elbridge, New York, focused on precision molding projects. Over the next 40 plus years, Tessy would grow from a small, family-owned molding company to a global contract manufacturer with several locations in Central New York, Virginia and China. We kept the whole family-owned thing going, though.

What Got Us Here

Today, Henry’s son Roland Beck leads the business. And while the company is larger (more than a million square feet, if we’re talking numbers) and technologies more sophisticated, we still operate in much the same way we have from the beginning. We seek tough challenges. We focus relentlessly on quality. We don’t simply try to undercut prices based on volume – we look to find smarter, more cost-effective processes that add value, whether it’s a sophisticated medical device or an everyday consumer item.

Let’s Look Ahead

While we’re a company built on tradition, we recognize that we’ve thrived by always looking forward. We are aggressive in our approach to business and never afraid to take calculated risk. We invest in the latest technologies and top engineering talent and because we are privately held, we answer only to our customers and each other – so we can make fast decisions that move our business and our customers forward.