Technology at Tessy

From advanced tooling tech to post-molding processes and even the machines that keep our operations running, Tessy is committed to putting the very best technologies to work for our customers.

On the Manufacturing Floor

When it comes to molding technologies, Tessy has it all: high-cavitation molds, cube molds, stack molds, micro molds and more. Our post-mold technologies are equally as impressive, with laser welding, laser engraving and ultrasonic welding, just to name a few.

Behind the Scenes

The advanced technologies at work on our manufacturing lines are just a part of the innovative systems that drive our business. We also employ technologies like a state-of-the-art liquid color system, metrotomography, advanced machines for part fabrication in our tool room and a mechanical room full of systems that efficiently maintain the precise environments needed for cleanroom manufacturing.

See for Yourself

Together, these technologies give us the capabilities to efficiently create high-quality, complex parts and complete assemblies for our customers – and do it faster and better than our competitors – all while ensuring smooth, sustainable operations. We could go on and on, but why not come check it all out for yourself?