Tessy Plastics Expands

Tessy plant expansion

Skaneateles, New York, January 2, 2020— Tessy Plastics Corp. announced their expansion of warehouse space in one of their manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York. The expansion is planned to be part of the “South Plant” located in Elbridge, New York.

The reason to expand the warehouse is that Tessy was awarded new business, specifically for medical products. The manufacturing facility commonly referred to as the “South Plant”, in Elbridge, New York, currently has a total of 190,000 square feet. “There is 69,000 square feet of warehouse space in the South Plant and we plan to add an additional 100,000 square feet on to it,” said Roland Beck Tessy’s President.

Tessy’s South Plant was built in 2010 and was initially being utilized for molding consumer products such as deodorant. “In late 2017, we decided to move all of the deodorant business to the North Plant in Baldwinsville, New York, so that we could mold, assemble, pack, and ship all from one location. It was a great decision as it allowed for greater efficiencies and freed up some space for incoming business. With the extra space, we are able to accommodate our new medical customer,” said Beck.

Tessy’s new medical customer offers a one-time use surgical suction device application that is used to collect/filter specimens such as polyps. “This project was a perfect fit for us. It is a complex assembly with several molded components. A portion of the components, which were previously molded in a different material, will now be molded with Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). LSR is a material that is becoming more prevalent in the medical industry. Through the utilization of existing LSR injection-molding machines, we were able to produce excellent prototype parts for the customer. The prototypes were then approved and we have since kicked off the new LSR mold for production. We will mold and assemble all seven of the components that make up the one-time use filter,” said Beck.

The overall investment will be $20M and will create 50 additional jobs at Tessy. “Production is targeted for 2021, and will include eight injection molding machines, two of which will be LSR, and an automated assembly line producing 13 million assemblies per year. We look forward to working on this project and are proud to work with another successful medical company,” said Beck.

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Founded in 1973, Tessy Plastics is a global contract manufacturer headquartered in Skaneateles, NY, specializing in injection molding and custom automated assembly solutions. We have facilities in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and China. All of our facilities are FDA/GMP compliant and add up to more than 1.6 million square feet, including 135,000 square feet of ISO Class 7 & 8 clean room manufacturing. Through comprehensive engineering and research & development, we provide superior quality and speed to market.  Contributing to both Medical and Consumer markets allows us to leverage our expertise over a wide range of products. Our capabilities include everything from product concept development and prototyping to manufacturing, packaging, and global distribution.