Research and Development at Tessy

As a forward-thinking, innovative and engineering-focused contract manufacturer, Tessy doesn’t just wait for a challenge to come our way. Sure, we welcome them with open arms (and minds) but the work we do to solve challenges actually begins long before we even meet the client. We’re talking research and development.

Thinking Ahead

Tessy’s engineering staff includes a team of experienced R&D engineers. It’s their job to, well, research and develop technologies that may fit our business. By immersing themselves in the latest, greatest, smartest and all-around most-innovative technologies, they’re able to keep us a step ahead of problems our customers may ask us to solve.

Our R&D team often brings engineering ideas to the table without a particular project in mind. Those ideas and technologies can then be applied to new customer challenges, or used to improve upon existing solutions or processes.

In other words, thanks to research and development, when a customer comes to us and asks, “can you come up with a better way to solve this?” there are times we can say, “In a way, we already have.”