Sustainability at Tessy Plastics

At Tessy, two of the things we care about most are our people and our planet. That’s why we manage our business with a keen eye on our responsibility to protect both. It means using manufacturing methods and business practices that are environmentally sound and ensure the highest levels of safety for our employees.  We believe in these values across our entire supply chain, and work to ensure that there’s minimal risk to people and the planet using sustainable procurement strategies.  These values make up the three pillars for our TP3 Program: People, Planet, and Product.

Environmental Health & Safety Goals

To keep us on track in fulfilling our promises, we have developed a series of EH&S goals that span across all areas of our business.

Environmental Management Goals

  • Maintain our ISO 14001:2015 Certification
  • Continue to support the efforts of the CDP while continually improving our sustainable business practices
  • Participate in events to help improve our energy usage, and reduce our use of natural resources

Workforce Injury & Illness Goals

  • Maintain our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Experience Modification Rating below 1
  • Continue our effective injury management and return to work programs
  • Improve employee health and wellness
  • Provide ongoing employee education on EAP (Employee Assistance Program) wellness services and benefit offerings and support employee access to affordable health care
  • Continue integration into our management systems OHSAS 18001

Waste Reduction Goals

  • Reduce general plant refuse and production materials in the waste stream 20% per employee
  • Continue to monitor cleanroom attire, purge and hazardous waste recycling
  • Continue to use technology to find ways to use less plastic per product and eliminate waste such as runners from the molding process by:
    • Using Sigmasoft to improve design to reduce runner size
    • Using hot runner systems to eliminate runners on new tooling
  • Collaborate with local universities to explore more ways to improve how we design tools and reduce water and electricity usage

Tessy Speaks at the United Nations

Segment from the EcoVadis, “The Tessy Plastics Sustainability Transformation Story”

On July 20, 2017, Cindy Bush spoke at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City about the role the private sector–especially small and medium-sized businesses–plays in accelerating progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Bush spoke to the fact that by transforming the company’s sustainability performance, Tessy Plastics was able to advance the SDGs by setting a new, global bar for manufacturers’ sustainability initiatives, while simultaneously preserving the loyalty of Tessy’s customers. Read More