June 1, 2020

Tessy Plastics Leans on SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding as a Fundamental Business Tool

Stronger customer relationships are formed through informed, data-driven decision making

Tessy plastics is a global manufacturing company with a range of capabilities that are used to create everyday products. This includes everything from product concept development and prototyping, to manufacturing, packaging, and global distribution for the medical device market and consumer items. This range of experience comes with a variety of application challenges. From virtually understanding the manufacturing environment during the sales process, to the continuous improvement of current customer programs, Tessy turns to SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding in an effort to mitigate risks and validate recommendations. It is the comprehensive results generated by SIGMASOFT® simulations that give Tessy the visuals they are looking for to support design optimization and reduce project cost, time and materials.

Trust is Part of Building Relationships

During the sales process, Tessy is able to build trust with prospective customers by using SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding as a communication tool. Using the results and reports from the simulations enables everyone to be on the same page and visually identify anything problematic. The software captures views that could have possibly been missed. This positions Tessy as an active partner willing to solve any design or manufacturing challenge their customer or prospect might encounter. In addition, using this tool during the quoting process produces more accurate bids that set the foundation for a positive working relationship with the customer. This is why Tessy views SIGMASOFT® as a business tool, not just software for the engineering team.

Customer Satisfaction Earned

“The accurate and dependable results from SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding are essential in Tessy’s ability to offer continuously valued customer support,” states Jason Klein, Engineering Manager
– Medical Products. Nurturing current customer relationships by maintaining the trust that was established from the beginning is important to sustained growth. Tessy attributes this to the ongoing utilization of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding.

Consumer Goods Case Study #1

Challenge: Meet annual cost reduction
measures while improving quality and
Tessy Solution: Light-weighted product for
$1M in material savings and reduced mold
complexity that resulted in a less expensive
mold and reduced water usage by 30%
SIGMASOFT ® Impact: Simulations assisted
in design changes that provided different flow
paths and changed wall thickness. Cooling
parameters were also changed.

Consumer Goods Case Study #2

Challenge: Improve tooling design to be
more efficient.
Tessy Solution: Decreased cycle time that
improved production by four times and
reduced the operation of three machines down
to one machine.
SIGMASOFT ® Impact: Simulations evaluated
the effectiveness of cooling lines that identified
how to achieve faster cooling times.

Medical Device Case Study #3

Challenge: Identify how to better manufacture
second-generation critical medical device to
improve quality.
Tessy Solution: Make the part dimensionally
stable with fine details.
SIGMASOFT ® Impact: Core deflection
simulation identified ideal gate locations that
removed stress on the tool.

“There is no doubt who is supporting us after purchasing SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding software. Their personalized customer service is beyond what you get elsewhere. We do not
hesitate giving them a call – they are an extension of our company.”