Good People Doing Great Things for Customers

Even in an industry acutely focused on machines and technology, it’s ultimately people that set Tessy apart. We are a tight-knit crew, and not just because of our centralized operations in Upstate NY, but because we share a common direction, drive and goal. It’s about doing the right thing for our customers – and having plenty of fun together along the way.

The Tessy Employee Culture

You might expect a 1,000-plus employee contract manufacturer to be bureaucratic. Not us. Not here. We foster a culture in which ideas can come from anywhere and all employees have input on how the company runs. There’s a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility, whether you’re on the factory floor, a sales office or anywhere in between.

Above all else, we are a family.

At some companies, it’s a cliché, but for us it’s simply a statement of fact. We invite you to come in and explore the incredible talent and personalities that make Tessy special. You’ll see why so many of our employees stick around for years – and our clients do too.