Toolmaker Mold Maintenance and Repair -

Posting Date: 12.23.2019


  1. Assemble and disassemble complex injection molds
  2. Refurbish and repair injection molds.
  3. Perform long term and short term P.M.'s on a determined schedule.
  4. Help determine P.M. schedules.
  5. Document all work in a database including dimensions from performed work.
  6. Ability to use advanced measuring equipment to measure +- .00010.
  7. Ability to surface grind within +- .00010.
  8. Ability to set up grinding fixtures (rotating, sine plate, vise) to grind within +-.00010.
  9. Ability to set up and turn material on a lathe within +-.0010.
  10. Ability to set up and operate a mill material within  +-.0010.
  11. Ability to rework welded components using equipment and hand blending.
  12. Relevant understanding of injection mold functions.
  13. Relevant understanding of injection molding process such as injection pressure, cooling, ejection, coring.
  14. Ability to determine probable causes of mold and molded part defects and apply possible remedies in a logical approach.
  15. Ability to polish tool steels.
  16. Ability to texture tools steels.
  17. Ability to work under a microscope.

Cultural -

  1. Must be willing to work in a team environment.
  2. Must be willing to improve skills through training, seminars, and classes.
  3. Must be willing to train new or less skilled employees.
  4. Must be willing to work independently in a steady professional manner.
  5. Must be willing to plan the workday to include cleaning and returning equipment.
  6. Must be willing to work with multiple department employees to achieve goals.
  7. Must be willing to work overtime.

Coveted Other Skills -

  1. Welding T.I.G. and or L.A.S.E.R.
  2. E.D.M. sinker or wire.
  3. L.A.S.E.R. engraving.
  4. Office software Word, Excel.
  5. Ability to work on hot runners.

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